CVU Nordic

December Update


Thank you to the Braun Family for opening up their house and hosting a fantastic team dinner- and thank you to everyone who contributed. On a side note, I better not see any of those video of me singing on You Tube (skiers, remember who waxes your skis- I can make them slow as well as fast!!)


Thank you to everyone who helped with the auction- we had a great crew helping us get the auction up and running: Tricia Sulva for entering items as they came in!, Deb Stone for finding out how the auction worked!, Joan Spasyk and Nora Von Stange for soliciting items above and beyond what the kids did, Jackie Brooks for organizing all the gift cards and items, and our happy typists: Alice Brown, Linda Maitland, Renee Marshall, Pam Pearson, I"m sure I'm forgetting others here..

And thanks to everyone for advertising and bidding on the auction- it looks like are headed to a strong finish tonight!

We do have some parents coming in on Monday and Tuesday to help distribute items and collect money- I will meet you all by the main office at 3:30.

Race Information

We have decided to take the whole team to Craftsbury for our first race. Not everyone will race, but everyone will ski and get a good training day in. Details are on email and the web page . If you would like to race but are listed to train, or if you would like to switch from jv to varsity, please let Sarah know by Tuesday (I have to send the racing list in on Wednesday)

Next races- More details on each race will be published weekly

Dec 17- classic race- only those skiers with classic experience - list will be forthcoming

Dec 20 - skate race- all new skiers (all who did not race Dec 17th) list will be forthcoming

Dec 23 and Jan 3- we will have people choose one of these races based on their holiday schedule.

Jan 8- skate sprints- all skiers

Jan 10- classic - all skiers

Jan 12- uphill climb at cochran's - we would like all skiers, but race is optional due to exams

Full Race schedule can be found here.


Uniforms have been handed out- see a coach if you did not get one- be sure to email numbers to Sarah.

Uniforms have to be handed in at the end of the season- learn your uniform number so you don't get it mixed up with others!

When racing you will want to wear long underwear layers under your uniform. Warm up for a race with clothing over that and then strip down before the start of your race.

Sleepy Hollow Apparel

Looking for another uniform for non high school races? Sleepy Hollow has a new uniform and hat check it out here. The storefront closes Dec 15.