Esther Asamu

My short story

My name is Esther Asamu. I was born in Nigeria. My family was very lucky to win the lottery at that time, their pastor in their church told them to play the lottery and that's how they got the opportunity to bring our whole family to the united states. After all that my mom and dad were celebrating my older sister's birthday a couple of days past, my mom went to work and my dad dropped us in school, later on my dad got a phone call that our house got burned down and everything that was important to us was gone. The only thing left in our house was our family photo album. Before coming to the u.s, my dad sold everything in his possession. The first state we went to in the u.s was Maryland and the first school i went to in Maryland was Laurel Elementary school. I don't remember much of as a child, but when i got older, my parents told me everything. I think i was in first or second grade. We stayed with one of my parents relatives, and every time i visit them, they always give me money.

what inspires me

There is a lot of important people that inspire me in life. There's three people that inspire me. The first person that inspires me is God. when i hear my pastor, my parents or my minister talk about Christ, i want to become a better person, i want to listen other people more. Christianity plays a big role in my life. it make's me see things differently and it make's me think a lot more about what i'm doing or saying.

The second person that inspired me to keep trying is my parents. my parents are very dependable and whenever they argue or yell at each other, they end up talking about it and working it out. I also learn from that and i take something away from that. i also like they way they work. they are both flexible and work together, that inspire's me. i want to be like them, and be better then them.

another person that inspire's me is myself. i can't get things done unless, i push myself to work harder or to be focused. nobody knows me, better then myself. i also think

a lot, plan my school work so i don't procrastinate and i do my best in school.

where i'v been to:

1. poem

I came into this world

with a clear mind.

I took my first step

after 6 months.

i said my first word

which was mommy see o.

At a young age i knew

nothing and saw nothing.

i was the type who

took an eye for an eye,

a tooth for a tooth.

I would never disrespect you

unless you disrespect me.

people around around us,

would always come,

and visit me. They

say i look adorable,

They say i look cute,

but they always knew

not to cross the line.

2. poem

I wish i remembered

my past as a child.

I wish i had a better

memory as a child.

Growing up into the

person i am today

was not easy.

i had to change my

behavior, so i don't

put other's and myself

into trouble.

i didn't struggle much

in pre-k through

middle school, but i

had to work my butt

off in high school.

i had to push myself

to get a better result,

because nobody can push me

better than myself.

3. poem

i just finished middle school,

about to start high school,

ready to start a fresh,

ready to make some friends,

I've been waiting for

this year to come.

This year is the year that i can

enjoy myself a little more.

it's also a year that i have

to study a lot more than

before. starting off as

a freshman was easy for me.

sophomore year was

also easy for me.

now junior year has come.

i heard you struggle a lot

more in 11th grade.

so far first semester was OK,

second semester was hard,

but overall the three years i spent

in high school went from easy to hard

but it was fun.