Human Rights

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¿What are human rights?

Human Rights son inherent in all human beings , regardless of nationality , place of residence , sex, national or ethnic origin , color , religion, language or other State Distinction rights. We all have the same human rights discrimination sin . Estos son interrelated rights , interdependent and indivisible . Universal Human Rights refer to it often in law and guaranteed by it, a Through the treaties , customary international law , general principles and other sources of international law. The International Human Rights Law establishes the obligations of Governors or take action in certain situations , or refrain from acting in a certain way in Other , para Promote and Protect Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of Individuals or Groups .
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Types of rights.

In the study of human rights that have developed different classifications in order to determine the appropriate characteristics to each group, but not in order to establish hierarchy between them. The criteria for classifications have been of different kinds, political, historical. One of the classifications is what distinguishes three groups of human rights in generations and responds to the order of their appearance in history.

This internationally accepted classification is not the order of importance of human rights, since all human rights are interdependent and integral. According to this classification exists.

Declaración universal de los derechos humanos

Universal e inalienable

The principle of the University of Human Rights is the cornerstone of the International Law of Human Rights. This Principle, As The First Place to alleviate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, has been withdrawn in numerous conventions, declarations and resolutions on Human Rights in the World Conference on Human Rights held in Vienna in 1993, for example, it was decided all states have a duty, regardless of their political, economic and cultural systems, to promote and protect all human rights and fundamental freedoms.

All states have ratified at least one, and 80 percent of them four or more of the Treaties Major Human Rights, reflecting the consent of states to establish legal obligations undertake to comply, and Giving Concept a concrete expression of universality. Some Fundamental Human Rights Norms They enjoy universal protection under customary international law Travez all civilizations and borders.

Human Rights inalienables.No child should be deleted, except in certain situations and in accordance with due process. EXAMPLE For, you can restrict · The right to freedom if the UN court determines a person is guilty of a crime

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Derechos Humanos ¿cuáles son?
derecho humano nº 8 la ley protege tus derechos humanos