James Fenimore Cooper

by Nate Pavlick

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Background Info

Popular American Writer

Sep. 15 1789- Sep. 14 1851

Hometown Hero from Cooperstown Ny

After going to boarding school he attended Yale College but ended up getting expelled because of a prank that he was accused.

Married to a decedent of a wealthy loyalists family

Founder of the Bread and Cheese Club

He created his 1st novel due to a bet that he made with his wife

Historical Info

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Cooper was one of the first major American novelists to include African, African-American and Native American characters. He treated the Natives in a complex way and highlighted the tense relationship that the frontier settlers and Natives shared. Cooper's lasting reputation today is due to the five Leatherstocking tales. He often gives contrasting views of Native characters to emphasize their potential for good and also to show their tendency to create mayhem. In 1831, Cooper was elected into the National Academy of Design as an Honorary Academician.

Religious Belief

Cooper was a believer in the Episcopal Church Later in life he became the warden and the vestryman of the church. Which means that he donated generously to this church and later supervised and redesigned the church.
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