Palisades Park Elementary

Staff Weekly Update

Power School

...will be down for maintenance beginning September 16th at 5:00 pm until Monday at 6:00 am.

Self Assessment and PDPs

Log into MyTalent to complete yours by the 22nd. Directions can be found here

Bus lot/ Playground

Please help keep our campus clean and attractive. DO NOT allow students to play with rocks during recess---or to collect them on the sidewalks. This is a safety hazard for students and staff walking in those areas. The last class outside every day--please assign helpers to stack cones, collect PE equipment, and pick up empty water bottles or trash. Thank you for your help.

Early Release Day PD Sign up


Beginning next week we will have Manners Monday and on Wednesdays we will promote STEM by showing It Ain't Rocket Science videos.

Duty-free Lunch Status

  • Duty Free lunch will begin Wednesday! Please help me welcome, Sue Brooks, as our new Lunch Monitor. She begins Tuesday.
  • Make sure you are on time to pick up your class
  • Teachers will dismiss their own class from their assigned lunch table. Students must be exiting their table prior to or at their assigned end of lunch time. When students are dismissed from the table, only dismiss one side of the table at a time.

NC Farm to School Contest

The NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is now accepting entries for the 2017-18 NC Farm to School calendar. I have attached the rules for this year’s contest. The deadline for entries is December 15, 2016. Please forward this to anyone in your school districts who may be interested. The contest is open to all public school youth in grades K-5.

Important Dates

September 19

  • Fall MAP Opens

September 21

  • Fun Run Kickoff - 30 minute Assemblies in Gym
  • 3-5 Assembly @ 2:30
  • K-2 Assembly @ 3:15

September 22

  • Self-Assessments and PDPs due

September 26

  • Fire Safety Sessions in 3rd grade
  • Progress Reports due

September 27

  • Girl Scout Night

September 29

  • Distribute Progress Reports

September 30

  • PTSA Fun Run
  • 3D Testing ends

October 3

  • Annual Leave Day