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Kindy Start 1 - Wednesday 23 October 2013

Welcome to the first of our Kindy Start sessions. This session will focus on transitioning to Kindergarten, Literacy, Numeracy and the Best Start assessments.

Kindergarten Orientation

  • What did we do well?
  • What could we do better?
  • What do you want to know?

Transition to Kindergarten



Best Start

Kindy Start 2 - Wednesday 30 October

What programs do Penshurst West offer?

1. Buddy programs – Kindergarten and Year 6 students sharing stories, ideas and working together in both settings

2. Laptops in Junior and Senior classes – trolleys of laptops servicing all our junior and senior classrooms with wi fi access

3. Digital Media program – open to students 3 to 6 using digital media to create images and video for the 21st century

4. Junior and Senior Choir – open to students 2 to 6 for boys and girls. Performances at school and district music festival

5. MindUp – a mindfulness program where students learn about the brain and how to think before acting

6. Enrichment program across Years 1-6 – students engaged in higher order thinking activities and tasks across their interest level

7. Computer Lab – 30 dedicated desktop machines with Smartboard and connected classroom.

8. Boys and Girls Dance programs – open to students 3 to 6 in both contemporary and hip hop

9. Speech Therapy – Sarah Barton @ AllSalt employed to train staff and work with students in how children acquire language skills

10. Caring and supportive Kindergarten class teachers – individual attention with the latest technology and methods of teaching

Kindy Start 3 - Wednesday 6 November

Kindy Start 3 will focus on our technology.

Check out this link to School a to z Technology and be informed about the many diufferent types of technology our kids have access to today.

Into Research? Have some food for thought with the changing pace of technology usage in our young people. Click on the link to these results in Children's Media Use in America 2013

PWPS School Uniform Shop

Open each Kindy Start day plus Fridays throughout the term.

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