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Our history

Hello! Shetley&Sawyers' bookstore was once owned by John Shetley. He started the business in 1961. In 1989 he handed the store over to his son, Michael. It had previously been a sole proprietor business but Michael turned it into a partnership with his wife, Amy Sawyers. We sell books of all kinds including fiction, non fiction, fantasy, adventure, historic, and also textbooks. We also like "recycled" books, or books that you no longer are interested in owning and we will take them.

Why a partnership, our employees, and being Green

Why a Partnership?

Some might find it difficult to own a business as a partnership. There are some disadvantages to it such as the unlimited personal ability as partners are personally responsible for business debt. Also, very much like sole proprietor businesses, partnerships terminate as a legal entity upon the death or withdrawal of a general partner, unless said otherwise. However, when asked about this Mr. Shetley commented that it made more sense to turn it into a partnership. He said he found more pros to it such as there would be a sharing of the responsibility and that would mean potential for growth. "We can distribute the work load and share ideas and skills."

Our Employees

Shetley&Sawyers is a labor union. A labor union is an organized association of workers that is formed to protect the and further the rights of employees and their interests. We are a closed shop also because we want our employees to support our union.

Being Green

Our bookstore is "green" store. We do not have trash cans because we prefer to recycle. The items such as pencils that we sell are made of recycled materials also. Pollution is a problem now days. Cars and factories burn and release CO2 and oil into the air and trees absorb these fossil fuels. Paper is made from trees and paper makes books, so we feel it is our responsibility to replant trees when they are cut down so Shetley&Sawyers' holds two yearly events were people can come plant baby trees to make up for the ones lost.

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