The Republic of Joey

"If you are cool with it, we are, just keep it off others."

Your Rights as A Citizen.

  • All citizens are allowed the ability to enjoy their existence as long as other may as well.
  • All citizens are allowed the freedom of choices, expression,
  • All rights are subject to be revoked on special occasions and circumstances.


Article #1: Objectives

The Republic shall serve the purpose of uniting all Wastelanders under one flag into a brighter hopefully less apocalyptic, America.

-This constitution's purpose is to ensure The Republics citizens are taken care of as stated in the old America's Bill of Rights

Article #2: Power of Government

The Government is the highest law of the Republic and her territories

-The head of the government is the JARL, Thanes are to be appointed to lead the colonies, towns, and territories of the republic.

-Thanes, as well as the next to the throne, are appointed by the Jarl

Article #3 Rules

(All rules may be open to interpretation by the Jarl)

-An eye for an eye on most crimes

-Thanes may make laws for their own territory

-laws are to be reviewed by the Jarl for final review

Article #5 Enforcement

-Rangers(MP) are the body in charge of enforcing justice

-Every city must have a minimum of 3 Rangers unless the population requires more

-A minimum of 2 Rangers patrol a city at any given time (exceptions may be made)

Article #6 Court

-The Thanes are to rule over all courts

-All courts must uphold the idea of innocent till proven guilty

-Bias or discrimination in court will not be tolerated

-Criminals can appeal to the Jarl to possibly receive a 2nd hearing in cases of unjust or bias in a case.