An Oil Rig In Alaska?

Hah, no thankyou!

Why is an oil rig a bad idea?

My name is Summer Burnette and I am a fisherman that is employed by the oil company. Some of you might think that it is odd that I am against an oil rig, beings the fact that i work for the oil company. But, I have a question, "how am i supposed to work, if all the fish i catch will be covered in oil?" Nobody wants oil covered fish, that's gross! This oil rig could harm the sea life. Also, did you know that drilling for oil offshore is one of America's most dangerous jobs? The process of digging up oil uses energy that is nonrenewable. This pressures the environment. Drilling oil in Alaska can cause an avalanche to occur, putting many people in danger. If anything were to go wrong, Alaska doesn't have the resources to deal with the disaster. Oil drilling will result in a large number of tax. Also, it will be hard to put an oil rig in Alaska, because of all the ice there! Oh, and how exactly are we going to get all the machines and equipment over to Alaska? The video linked at the bottom, explains that an oil rig is a bad idea, and how it is effecting the Alaskan citizens. I think for the sake of our economy, environment, and maybe even our lives, we should not put an oil rig in Alaska!
Oil and Ice: The Risks of Drilling in Alaska's Arctic Ocean