Stuffun to Snuggle!

Stuffun to Snuggle Toy

This is a toy you can Cuddle,Play,and snuggle with at night even you can have so much fun!!

She will keep you company when you are feeling sad or lonely!!Come on buy it!You know you want to.


Have you ever had a Stuffed Cat and nothing interesting about it? I hope you said no because here is your own stuffun to Snuggle! You can sleep with it and come on down to you will love it as I say there is no such stuffed cat until you love the Stuffun Cat.We have different editions:Penguin Stuffun,Dog Stuffun,Cat Stuffun and more!!She might be stuffed but she can do alot in imagination!

Price and age

The price is $10.99 + Tax 2.99 in shipping

Age 6-8 year olds

Avaliable in Stores

Stuffun Series are available in Walmart for a lower price of 3.99

Also availiable at Target for 6.33

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