Helping the Economy

you can make a difference

What is happening to the Economy

People are using too much of the aquifer and this is leading to drought. There is also too many trees being cutting down and this is leading to animals losing their homes. These animals are also getting injured by litter. Another problem is their are too many factories causing lung damage and toxins in land and water. We need to make a difference.

Join our world Club to help make a difference

This club starts on June 20th at 1:00 in the state of Kansas. It will last for 3 hours each day until July 7th. We will be going around Kansas and making it a cleaner looking place. We will also be holding conventions that talk about how important protecting our world is. Once in a while we will also have field trips. This field trip will be going to the zoo and helping the zoo keepers

How We will make that difference

What is our plan?


We will be having bake sales, and allowing donations so we can have the equipment we need to clean the world. We will also be having fundraisers so we can give each of our club members a tee shirt and a field trip to the zoo.

I hope you will be that difference we need in the world