Grapevine Mustang Band

Week of Sept 6

Notes from the Directors:

Good afternoon Mustang Band!

  • Eligibility still counts for marching band! If a student is not academically eligible they won’t be able to participate. Students can remain eligible all year by passing all of their classes on every report cart!
  • Students will be allowed to enter the high school beginning at 8:20am and should report directly to their assigned rehearsal space. Students must exit the high school by 4:15pm each day. It is required that all instruments and supplies be taken home at the conclusion of each day. Personal items may not stay in your locker or the band hall at anytime. Students may not show up more than 20 minutes before school starts and may not stay more than 15 minutes after school ends.
  • Students that are choosing to remain virtual will log on to their band class via webex in the same way that they have been doing. Students are expected to play along with their class in real time and treat each day as if they were physically present in the room. We will be listening to ALL of our students play during class and everyone should be actively engaged for the duration of each class.
  • Equipment storage/Locker Assignments below.
  • All band facilities will be closed and locked unless there is a class meeting. Students may not come and go from the band hall during their other classes.
  • Students in marching band will bring only their marching instruments to school during the school day. Band directors will communicate which instruments to bring as the semester goes on.

  • All students at Grapevine High School will need to use their devices to scan a QR code and complete a trace log for EVERY CLASS period EVERY DAY. This must be completed before classes can begin.

  • Students will stay on the right side of the hallway for the duration of the day! Please adhere to the direction of traffic mandated throughout the school.

  • Members of Wind Ensemble will sign up for a 15 minute mini-lesson with Mr. Rees once per week. Wind Ensemble will be deciding those times this week and will begin the week of September 14th.

  • Anyone that still needs to pick up their black shorts can do so after marching Band Practice Tuesday/Thursday - 8:00pm contact Kristen Pratt to make arrangements.

Other News

  • CLICK HERE to get music on our website.
  • We are excited to start our first fundraiser of the year! We have partnered with MSC Fundraising to sell masks! The website has our initial line up, but more will be added soon! You can check it out here:
  • We are in the process of updating Charms. If you are receiving our emails you are listed on the Grapevine Band roster. If you attend CHHS, please let Mr. Rees ( know and we will transfer you to the correct school.
  • We have also compiled another version of the calendar that can be found HERE.
  • You need to clean and disinfect your instruments! (videos below)
  • Establish a routine for yourself to keep your life as normal as possible. Dedicate time to growing as a musician every day.
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Red Rail Game

The Red Rail Game is now scheduled for Sept 26 at Globe Life Park!

Tickets are available now and can only be purchased online. Tickets start at $12 and will be available in restricted groups to allow for social distancing within Globe Life Park. All games at Globe Life Park will require facial coverings, social distancing, as well as other enhanced safety and health measures.

The Mustang Band will be located in sections 11 and 12 for this game.

SAT test takers will not have a conflict with this game time.

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Marching Band Information and Procedures

Trace Log - Sept 6

Please fill out the Trace Log for the week of Sept 6. All students, participating in marching band, MUST complete this form each Sunday for the upcoming week's rehearsals.

Pit Crew Scholarship

The Pit Crew Scholarship recognizes and rewards senior members of the GHS Mustang Band who maintain a good academic standing and who exemplify what might be called the “pit crew work ethic” – working behind the scenes, doing unglamorous but necessary work, without seeking a reward other than helping the band. Band member(s) who are selected to receive a scholarship are recognized at the annual band banquet with a financial award that can range from $500 - $1000. The link to apply for a Pit Crew Scholarship will be posted on the Band Website on November 1st. The deadline to submit an application will be November 15th.

Stay Connected


Students/Parents should login and update their CHARMS information. This is our primary form of communication, and it is important to have accurate information.

If you have any questions, or have trouble logging in to your account, please contact Ms. Irby. (


All students and parents must join the Remind Groups. We use Remind to communicate quickly during events and will only send out messages that are important for everyone.

Visit the band website for details.

Start Raising Money NOW!

Scrip is a great way to raise money for your individual band account!


How to pay your band fees online

You may pay for your child’s fees easily with a credit card using a Pay Pal account. To use this feature, click on the “Finances” button then choose the “Make A Trip Payment” button. If you have not set up a Pay Pal account, you will be given an option to do so. Choose to pay using your credit card, debit card, or bank account. Make secure purchases without revealing your credit card number or financial information to the GHS Band or the CHARMS system. PayPal offers one of the safest platforms for online commerce with fraud rates at a fraction of those of typical e-commerce offerings. PayPal offers ease and flexibility, accepting all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express), as well as all major debit cards and direct transfers. Please be aware that there is a fee to pay by credit card.