European Union Web Quest

Inarra Subazali

What is the European Union?

The European Union is a partnership between 28 countries. These counties are a big part of Europe. The EU was developed after World War 2 because they thought it would be beneficial to be interdependent. They wanted the countries to trade within each other, which would help them avoid conflict from other countries. This idea led to the creation of the European Economic Community between Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands there has been an increase in economic cooperation. This helped create a large single market of which continues to grow and develop.

What are the European Unions goals or aims?

  • From economic to political union
  • Mobility, growth, stability and a single currency
  • Human rights and equality
  • Transparent and democratic institutions

Members of the EU

Poland 2004

1) Government


2) Economy

GDP per Capita-814 Billion

3) People

Infant Mortality Rate-6.19 deaths/1,000 live births

Life Expectancy-76.65 years



4) Communication

Phones-6.125 million

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Poland is newly industrialized because it is not yet fully developed. This is because they recently joined the EU and they're building up. Although you wouldn't say that Poland is developed, it is slowly getting there. Being developed means having a low infant mortality, high GDP, and high literacy.