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And some yearbook stuff too!

Yearbook Cover Art Contest!

This November we decided to hold a cover art contest for students to help design our 2015 yearbook cover. The winners, Taylor Quinn and Diana Novachevska, created two different but related photos that we decided to combine. Jostens helped us hold an interactive web meeting with their talented artist to help us realize our vision of the combined pictures. Both of the winning artists, along with many members of the yearboook club, were there to give their input and were very pleased with the outcome. The yearbook club is very excited and cannot wait to see the final draft of the cover! See pics of the winners and the interactive meeting below.


Below you will find a ThingLink that I made for our databases that I currently have on the Destiny homepage. ThingLink is a site where you can swiftly create interactive photos. You can easily attach links, videos and images to any photo. It is very quick and simple to use. I think some of the things it can be useful for is visual learners, as well as having students create a poster or flyer and then using links, videos and images to add more information about their image.

Show me a ThingLink and earn a badge for Domain 4! And don't forget some of the other ways you can earn a badge, like creating a powtoon or using an interactive ebook! Both tutorials are available here:

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Our latest decoupaged table done by the Library Squad!