12 items of interest to me

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I chose this photo because it is a paint horse, just like mine.

I also chose it because I love to ride horses.

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This is a cool picture because it is dramatic, and cool.

I chose it because I play basketball.

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Cows (beef)

I chose this picture because my cow's calf it is having in February will look just like this.

It is interesting because I enjoy raising cows and calves.

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I chose this because it is the symbol of 4-H.

I am a member of 4-h and have been since I was 7 years old.

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I chose this photo because it was of Elsa, one of my favorite characters.

I enjoy Frozen,it is one of my favorite movies.

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I love Harry Potter, and i like the books better than the movies.

Hermione Granger is my favorite character, and this is my favorite book series.

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This is the logo of pinterest.

Pinterest is great for everything, which is why it is interesting.

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I chose this photo because it represents books.

I love to read and sped most of my free time doing it.

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I chose this photo because it is a cute rabbit.

It is interesting because my family owns a rabbitry.

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I chose this photo because it represents a person drawing.

I love to draw, mostly pencil drawings, which I like to enter in the local fair.

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Dogs and Cats

I chose this picture because it is cute.

It interests me because I have a dog and cat.

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I added a picture of food, this one because there is a lot of it.

Food interests me because I love food, and literally could not live without it.