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You may ask yourself why should I buy bonds from Bond Hut? There are so many reasons you should, but I will give you the biggest two. First bonds are every where in our world wether it be in the salt we put on our food or to the Carbon dioxide we exhale. Bonds are everywhere and we need them in our day to day lives without them we could not live! Also here at Bond Hut we believe that naming bonds correctly is almost as important as the formation of bonds. Naming bonds correctly is important because how will our customers know what bonds they are getting if they are not named properly. Having a structured naming system is a key part in understanding and using bonds to there full potential, as we do at Bond Hut.

Bond Hut sells 4 types of Bonds

Metallic Bonds

Our special bonds include...

  1. Chromium hydride- CrH2(II)- Cr+2H
  2. Titanium hydride- TiH2- Ti+2H
  3. Sodium Potassium alloy- NaK- Na+K
  4. Beryllium Copper alloy- BeCu- Be+Cu
  5. Iron dihydride- FeH2- FE+2H

Create Your own bond

If you do not like any of our specials, you can create your bond using the naming processes of different types of bonds. Once you name your bond or chemists at Bond Hut will make it for you.

Naming Ionic Bonds

  1. Name the Cation first and the anion second
  2. Monoatomic cations use the element name
  3. Monoatomic anions take their name from the root of the element + "ide"
  4. Group 1A and 2A metals have 1 oxidation number, Transition metals and metals often have more than 1 oxidation number. The name of the formula must include roman numerals in or after the cation.
  5. If the compound contains a polyatomic ion just name it.