Martin Jethro Berry

My great grandfather


He was born on September 29,1919. His parents were Allen and Betty (Harden was her maiden name) Berry.

The Great Depression and the Stock Market crash

Martin was 10 years old when the Stock Market crashed and when the Great Depression began.

World War 2

Years after the Great Depression and the Stock Market crashed, Martin joined the U.S navy to go and fight in World War 2. He was in the war for 2 years until he left on an honorable discharge.

Marriage and Children

A year later after he left the Army, he got married to my great- grandmother, Dora Sanders. He married her on September 11,1947. After they got married, they had 3 children named (in order) Judy Lynn, Nancy Joyce, and Jeffery Martin.

Ohh the places he worked

After the war, Martin had many jobs. It almost seemed like he couldn't make up his mind on where to work.

-Cotton Farming 1946 through 1948

-In 1962, he worked at TVA and help build the Pickwick dam

-Worked at the Buck Eye Oil company

-Worked at the Colbert Stem Plant in Cherokee, Alabama

-And lastly he was a Carpenter


On January 28,1991, he passed away