Indigenous Australians

By Dimitrius


The term indigenous is used to refer to a Australian and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people terms of Australians .Aboriginal people have been here ad least 50,000 years ago.

Aboriginal people lived all over Australia.

Aboriginal people live in between Australia and Papua NewGiunea

The Dreaming

Aboriginal Languages

Were 250 aboriginal languages than they got in danger and lost 100 languages and there are now 150 aboriginal languages. Aboriginal English and Standard English are kind of the same. Aboriginal Spirituality

Country is your ancestors that lived on land and Australia and lived for a lot of years ago.

Aboriginal people look after the land because they think its mother. Where ever they go they take care of land because the land takes care of them.


I learnt that aboriginal dreamtime stories are not real and that’s what they think. There is a dreamtime story Called rainbow serpent it is about two people that try to catch the rainbow serpent. They try to save these two people that got eaten by the serpent.