"The Frog King"

By: Merritt Ellis Hour: 7

There once was a Frog King named Ralph. Ralph had a huge frog mansion, five frogerri's ( Ferrari's) , and billion of frog dollars. Everyday he would go to town and shop and go to restaurants and sit in the park. He went by himself everyday because, he didn't have a family.

Deep in town there was a Dad frog named Kevin. Kevin had five frog children. He had one limited small house, a small blue frog van, and not very many frog dollars. everyday he would go to town shop and eat, and then go to the park with his kids. Kevin saw Ralph there everyday and wished he could be him with everything he had. Ralph sat unaccompanied watching Kevin playing with his kids, wishing he could be him.

One cool summer morning, he invited Kevin's family over for brunch. He wanted to talk to Kevin and see his family. Ralph played with the children adoring, and appreciating every moment. After brunch Ralph pulled Kevin aside to talk to him. " I love your family, " Ralph said. " I only hope to have my own family someday." Im glad I could help Ralph." Kevin replied. " I'm sorry that you don't have a family, but your welcome to come over any time," said Kevin. " Thanks for the gesture," said Ralph. "But I will be fine watching yours."

Moral, Theme, or Life Lesson

Be Grateful for what you have, not what others do have.