Agronomy Program

What is Agronomy

Agronomy is the science and technology of producing and using plants for food, fuel, fibre, and land reclamation

Real world problems

Real World Problems

some real world problems are that soil is turning into dust literally! soon the world will be turned into one huge desert, but we can stop that from ever happening if you join our program.

Weathering Agents

There are two types of Weathering agents, Mechanical&Physical. Mechanical weathering breaks into smaller pieces. Those pieces are just like the bigger piece just smaller! Chemical weathering is when is where the minerals in the rock change, the rock breaks down and becomes a different rock.

Common misuses in soil

Some misuses in soil are, it is overused and it is wasted. Another misuse is that it is not properly tended to regularly.

Facts about soil

Soil is broken down rocks, minerals, plants, and animal matter.soil is usualy found in upper mantle. soil can have two states regular soil and dust. dust is basically dried up soil.

Why is soil important

We make food and fuel from soil so without it we cut our food and fuel supplies and that would not be good.