April 4, 2014-Ms.Kashmira

We are "ROCK" Stars!

We have been so busy working with ROCKS! We have been making beautiful rock art, we made our first letter of our name using rocks, rock painting and so much more! All of our beautiful artwork is displayed outside our classroom and we can't wait for you to see it next week. Our hallway looks "ROCKY" and beautiful!


We will wrap up our ROCKS study unit. We will wrap it up with fun cooking activities, we will try to make our own rock, and we will be making our own musical instruments using rocks! Maybe a PK 4.2 ROCK BAND? Sounds like it is time to ROCK n ROLL!

Tues. April 8 - PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE (Students Dismissal 12:00) NO LUNCH
Wed. April 9- PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE (Students Dismissal 12:00)

Thurs. April 10- PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE (Students Dismissal 12:00) NO LUNCH

If you won't be able to attend the conference on the given date and time, please let me know so we can reschedule for another day.

Reminder: April 14-18, 2014- NO SCHOOL

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We did a fun activity to see if rocks float or sink. Everyone got a rock, we made sure the rocks were all different sizes, shapes and colors. Most importantly, I made sure I had a piece of pumice. The kids predicted whether or not the rocks would float or sink. They all thought it would float! I saved the pumice for last. After seeing that all the rocks sunk they also said the pumice would sink.

How is it different from the other rocks? They noticed that it had lots of holes.
Pumice is formed by volcanoes, it is an igneous rock. The holes are little gas bubbles.

They were so surprised when they saw that the pumice rock could float!

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How are ROCKS used in everyday life?

ROCKS are EVERYWHERE! Rocks are used in so many ways: houses, roads, buildings, decorative purposes, statues, tools, etc.!

Then I asked them if they knew how a Pumice rock was used in a beauty salon. They were so surprised!! We then explained them that this rock is used gently on the feet to remove the hard or "dead" skin, and have smooth skin.

We had a little demo for each one of them to experience how the pumice rock was used. They loved it! Some found it very very ticklish!

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Rock Fun!

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Rock Frames!

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Poem & Song of the WEEK!

A Rock my Size

This ROCK is hard

This ROCK is soft
This ROCK is rough
This ROCK is smooth
Beautiful ROCKS I see with my eyes,

but the one I like best is exactly my size!

Rocks in my Pocket

Rocks in my pocket, Rocks in my pocket

Big and Small, big and small

Shiny little pebbles, shiny little pebbles

Find them all, find them all.

Happy Birthday Giovana!

Melissa's BIG Day!

We had Melissa's BIG day!! Mr.Alex and Mrs.Simone brought a beautiful video with many pictures to share with the class. We got to see pictures of her family, her house in brazil, pictures of her growing up, and even pictures when Melissa visited a chocolate factory. She loves chocolate! She brought for us to try some delicious Brazilian chocolate. We ended her BIG day with her dad reading us a story about a Greek legend of King Midas, and everything he touched it turned into gold. With this story, Mr.Alex reminded us that we should always be grateful for what we have like our family, friends, and the people who surrounds us and loves us so much!
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Have a "ROCKING" Weekend!