Few Things To Know

Mariah Finley

About Me

Hi, I'm Mariah! I'm really outgoing and like making other laugh. I enjoy shopping, baking, and spending time with my family. I play varsity basketball and I run in track. I'm in DECA, Student Council, and National Honors Society. This is going to be my third year in Belton. I've lived in Mesa, Arizona and Houston, Texas. I was born in San Antonio, Texas. I have two siblings, Jonathan whose 13 and Alexis whose 18. My mom is a reccess aid at Scott Elementary and my dad is in the military. My future goal is to be an officer in the military and to be a Physicians Assistant.


This summer I was in Fort Jackson, South Carolina for Basic Training for 10 weeks. I joined the Army as soon as I turned 17. I learned how to apply first aid to someone under fire, how to shoot an M4, 240Bravo, Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Saw and throw gernades. We did courses that will help us out on the field and team work courses. It was very hot! And you get barley time to sleep. We stayed outside in the field for about 9 days. It was as bad as I expected. Some parts were a challenge but it wasn't hard enough for me to quit. I' m glad I joined.

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