Colonial Region Assignment

By: Bailey Stein

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Jamestown, Virginia

Jamestown was the first settlement in the Americas. Others may call it "James Fort". In 1610 the English who established Jamestown considered it to be abandoned. Jamestown was a capital Colony for around 80 years. Jamestown was located in the country of Tsenacommacah. In the first few years the people who were in this land were very welcoming. due to starvation and other diseases the death rate within this country was high. during the starving time nearly 80% of its population died due to starvation and lack of necessary nutrition.


Plymouth was the first European Settlement in New England. The first winter in Plymouth near half of the settlers got sick and died it was the epidemic of a new disease that got into the colony. Plymouth was able to have peace with the surrounding colonies so they could focus on building their new settlements instead of having to fight with the other colonies. they planted corn, and hunted fish and beavers. Plymouth was started to get bigger and had to expand which caused the Native Americans to be upset which cause a war that cause Plymouth to be no more.


Savannah was known for being the first planned city in America. a local Indian Chief names tomochichi gave permission to Oglethorpe to build the settlement of Savannah. As a result the town became well managed and occupied which which many of the first american colonies were not very happy about because they had to start from the very bottom with no help unlike Savannah.

Purpose for Georgia and Pennsylvania Colonies.

the British's purpose for Georgia was for all of the poor English people to go to. Quakers and William Penn used Pennsylvania for religious freedom, so that they had a placed to go and be free to practice what ever religion they wanted to.

William Penn vision for Pennsylvania

William Penn thought that everyone should be able to believe in what they want and that they shouldn't be forced to practice some religion based on where they lived. his idea for Pennsylvania was also called the "Holy Experiment".

Name of New York City Prior to English Control

The New Amsterdam

Division of New York

New York had many different cultures and settlements. the Saratoga was used by the English to divide u New York.

Why were the English so focused on the Carolina's?

the English focused on North and South Carolina because they liked what they could export through the Carolina's.