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August 21, 2020

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Picture Re-Take Day!

Picture Re-take Day will be Tuesday, September 22nd. If you are an e-Learning student or in-person student who missed the first Picture Day, please mark your calendar! E-Learning students may come to the front office between 8:00am - 11:00am on Re-Take Day!

Prosser Updates!

Friday, August 21st was a Virtual Day for Prosser. The next Virtual Day for Prosser will be the 28th of August. All students are expected to be participating in class virtually via Google Classroom.

Please make sure to contact Prosser, in addition to your home school if a student needs to be quarantined. We will let our teachers know that the student will be temporarily virtual for the number of quarantined days.

Any Prosser students considering dropping a Prosser class needs to see one of the following Guidance Counselors, Valerie Prince or Elizabeth Adams, prior to a student dropping the course. At any time, if there are questions or concerns, please let them know.

We are getting some students who are calling in to state that they "missed the bus" or "aren't feeling well" and instead of attending in person they would like to attend that class period as a virtual student for that day. Although we encourage them to participate, that student will still be marked as absent. Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.


Student drivers will need a new Parking Pass each school year. Students will need to bring their drivers license, registration, a drug test consent form signed by a parent and $1.00 to the front office during lunch or after school. The following is a section taken directly from the Student Handbook, please refer to the Student Handbook for the complete Driving Privilege Policy:

a. 1st Offense - If we cannot determine whose car it is, we will have the police run the plates for identification

b. 2nd Offense - Contact parents and clarify policy

c. 3rd Offense - We will tow your vehicle at the owner’s expense.


Make up classes from the spring and summer are still in session. The October session is currently full. Sessions for 2021:

March 1st - March 12th

May 24th - June 5th

June 28th - July 9th

Classes are $400 and include 2 weeks of classroom instruction followed be scheduled drive time. Classes will be after school hours while drive time will be after school and some Saturday mornings.

To reserve a spot a $200 deposit is required. The balance is due at the beginning of class. Classes will fill up quickly. Contact Angie Richey at 812-752-8927 to reserve your spot!