Electromechanical Technician

Donyah Gerrits 3rd Hour Science

Overview of Career

- helping engineers designing new robotics equipment

-operate robotics equipment

-constructions housings or asseembles

-may work overtime to meet deadlines

To succeed in this career

- Good classes to take in high school for this job are robotics and engineering

- You need a bachelor degree or association degree to be quailfed for this job

Cost of Education

- it costs $39,092 for 1 year at the University Of Georgia.

- food and groceries for four years costs 5,260 dollars.

- gas money and traveling during college for four years costs 3,000 dollars.

- the costs of clothes for four years will costs 4,680 dollars.

- the grand total is 105,492 dollars for four years at college and for all the things you will need well you are there.

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Associations/Professional Organization