Communication Job Search Workshops

February 18th, March 23st & April 21st at 3 p.m. in 1070S

Ready to take on a new career or job?

You are invited to attend three workshops created to help students prepare for a job search, before or after graduation. Looking for a new job, the next job, or a better job can be an intimidating process. Come join your fellow Communication Studies majors and UHD students as we discuss developing a professional resume, preparing to interview, and selling yourself as a traditional or non-traditional student on the job market. All three workshops will be held in 1070 South @ One Main.

About Lambda Pi Eta

Lambda Pi Eta (LPH) is the National Communication Association’s official honor society at four-year colleges and universities. LPH represents what Aristotle described in The Rhetoric as three ingredients of persuasion: logos (Lambda), meaning logic; pathos (Pi), relating to emotion; and ethos (Eta), defined as character credibility and ethics. Lambda Pi Eta recognizes, fosters, and rewards outstanding scholastic achievement while stimulating interest in the communication discipline.


Feel free to contact Dr. Elizabeth Hatfield, faculty advisor to LPH, to find out more.

We hope to see you there! or 713.226.5515