Baseball Great By: Tim Green

Preston Rhinehart

What is the book about?

This book shows how a great baseball player gets caught with the love of the baseball game, and enters the wrong team. The main character (Josh) soon wonders why the 14 year old boys are so big. The teams first baseman soon would meet up with him at the park. He hands him a package of pills he likes to call, "gym candy". Josh would soon find out that "gym candy", is steroids.

What happens to who?

The main character in this story is Josh. Josh was an all-star player for almost every team he played for. During school tryouts, his dad comes, "out from the shadows" and tells him and the coach that he wouldn't be playing for the school team. So, Josh hoped into his dads car, and they drove off to a baseball complex, where Josh would soon find out that he would be trying out for the 14u Syracuse titans, at 12 years old. But he would also find something else, they cheated, but that's all I can say.