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October 21-25


Don't forget to send the Standards Based Grading handout with the report cards on Friday!

Christina, Yesenia and I will be off campus on Thursday and Friday. We will be attending the Character Conference in Washington, DC. Mrs. Love, the retired principal at Clear Springs, will be our principal sub. Please take care of any issues that you are able to handle but reach out to her if you need to.

Important Dates

Pledge helpers this week--Husband

October 21

Write down three things that have gone well recently

Standards Based Grading Chat-3:45 pm. 4th grade

Computer Labs closed for CoGat-both labs

Watch D.O.G.S.-Michael Elliot-Gonzales-PE

Day 5

October 22

Standards Based Grading Chat-3:45 p.m. 5th grade

Character/PBIS meeting-3:30 Library

PL-2nd grade

Watch DOG-Ryan Kirksey-Roman-PE

Day 6

October 23

Leave an encouraging note in a someone's mailbox

PL-2nd grade

Buckels off campus a.m.

Watch D.O.G.-Tony Sanchez-Roman-PE

Day 1

October 24

Buckels, Surber, Ragghianti off campus all day

Day 2

October 25

Take time to reflect on what you have achieved this week

.Buckels, Surber, Ragghianti off campus all day

Report Cards go home
Watch DOG-Ross Jaehn-Krakowiak-Art

Jeff Thompson-Oelsen-Music


Day 3

What should you say more often?

Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often

Twitter accounts to follow










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Special Shout out this week to...

Lisa Lewis and Yesenia for presenting to the staff on Monday. It is never easy to present in front of your peers!

Jennifer Epps for working with 3rd grade and setting up a reading buddies system.

Christie Morgan for welcoming visitors from another campus into her room for an observation.

Coach Goodsell and his team for a great Walk for Wellness! The weather was perfect and the kids had fun!

Character Corner

Core Value focus- Responsibility

Character Strong Traits- Responsibility and Perseverance

Staff Challenge for Perseverance

Your “Yet” Goal

What’s a habit that you want in your life, but haven’t quite mastered yet? Research suggests that it takes at least 21 days to set a new habit into motion, and that takes Perseverance. This week’s challenge invites you to think of a habit you want to change, share that intention with an accountability partner, and commit to working on it for 21 days this month.

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Thank you for the hard work you do each day to help kids grow!