CHE Update for 12/11

Coyote Staff Weekly Update

Dashboard Updated

Hello everyone! The CA School Dashboard has been updated. I encourage you to take a moment to check out our dashboard at

While we saw some growth in various subgroups, we clearly have our work cut out for us, especially in the area of English Language Learners. I am confident that the steps you are all taking around small group instruction and intervention will continue to help all of our students grow.


The next month and a half are of utmost importance for attendance, especially as it relates to state funding. Please continue to celebrate attendance in all the ways that you do (door signs, celebrations, recognition, etc.) As promised, if we can hit 99% attendance at some point this week, I will dress like a Xmas Tree for the remainder of the 2017 school year!

Homework Policy Updated Draft

Please take ANOTHER, final peek at the homework policy. I appreciate the input from staff on changes, errors, etc. for the previous draft. You can comment on it here:

Update for Events for November and December!

Below is a list of upcoming events for the rest of the school year:

December 11: Meetings @ 7:30, 8:30, 9:30, and 11:00 (on-site). Trotter @ Ed Services @ 2:30

December 12: PBIS Tier 2 Meeting @ 3:00, Staff Cookie Competition Exchange

December 15: District Student of the Month Name Due to SUPE office

December 18-December 21: Holiday Shop--Details to come

December 18: C4S Training @ DO 8-3:00, Admin Meeting @ 3:30

December 19: PBIS Booster Meeting-all day @ District

December 20: Staff Holiday Celebration @ Karen Gills House

December 21: Final Day of School Before Break, Pajama Day--Wear PJs to school.

December 22-January 5: Winter Break

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