Lake Texoma

By: Bailey Lewis

Highest Rated Lake in Texas

Lake Texoma recieved an 8.9 as its rating as a lake. This puts it as the highest rated lake in Texas. Not only is this lake huge with a lot of marinas, it also has many restaurants, good camp sites, and lots of beautiful sandy beaches.

Convient Location

Lake Texoma is situated on the Red River between Oklahoma and Texas. It attracts around 6 million visitors a year, largely because of its proximity to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, about an hour's drive south of the lake.
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Lots of Activites

Lake Texoma offers varies different types of fun activites that everyone can enjoy. Live bands, sunset cruises, and karaoke nights are just some of the fun things you can find to do at Lake Texoma.
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A large attraction of Lake Texoma is its fishing. The species that are most popular to fish are the largemouth, spotted, white, and striped bass along with the channel, blue, and flathead catfish.