Fishing Cat

About Fishing Cat


Colour:Olive-Grey, Black

Skin Type:Fur

Size (L):57cm - 85cm

Weight:5.5kg - 8kg

Top Speed:55kph

The Fishing Cat has a stocky and powerful body that is quite long in comparison to it's short legs. The Fishing Cat has a short and flattened tail that is marked with black rings and can be used by the animal when swimming as it works in a similar way to a rudder on a boat, steering the Fishing Cat in the right direction through the water. Their small feet are slightly webbed but not any more so than many other feline species, but one of the biggest differences between the Fishing Cat and it's relatives is that their claws are not fully retractable with the tips still sticking out slightly from the protective sheath of skin on their toes . Fishing Cats have quite broad heads in relation to their body with small, rounded ears that are black on the back and have a distinctive white spot in the centre.

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Than eat Fishing cat?

The Fishing Cat is a carnivorous animal that only hunts and consumes other animals in order to acquire all of the nutrients that it needs to survive. As it's name suggests, aquatic animals make up the bulk of the Fishing Cat's diet with more than 70% of the food thought to be fish, followed by molluscs, frogs, snails and snakes that are found in or close to the water.
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WHERE DWELLS Fishing cats?

Habitat fishing cat - a tropical subtropricheskie and regions in Southeast Asia, namely, to the south and east of India, Indochina, and Ceylon, Sumatra and Java. They are found mainly in forests, located near bodies of water - mainly of swamps, lakes and slow rivers .


Today, the Fishing Cat Endangered is its natural environment and, consequently, may be threatened with extinction in the not too distant future. The biggest threat to the fishing Cat is the loss of habitat to many of its remaining pockets of wetland homes are now considered protected areas. on conservation projects have been established in a number of areas in order to protect and fishing cats and their unique wetlands and hunting and trafficking of species is now illegal. Poaching however, still continues to this day hides seized from markets in the Far East.
fishing cat underwater