From Pig to Football

By: Wesley Anderson


Have you ever gone to a football game and wondered where do footballs come from?Footballs come from cowhide in the following ways.


The first step to making a football is go to the farm and cut a dried piece of cowhide.Then that tan the hide to keep it from cracking then that die it brown.


The second step to making a football is the cowhide.Once its done with tanning its is could leather. They stamp it with a machine that make's the ball have a bumpy texture and easy to grip.


The final product is a football people buy it because if you have a game you couldn't play because there was no ball.Some ways you can use it throw it catch it.

Fun Facts

Here are some fun fact about football's they call them pig skin .They deflate them just like the patriot BOO.


Here was the process of making a football now i wonder how do you make chocolate
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