Aint That A Pittie

Help save a life by fostering for Aint That A Pittie

Aint That A Pittie Special Needs Pit Bull Rescue is in need of loving foster homes!

There is a group of dogs within the breed that still has a tendency to be left behind, - special needs pit bulls. While we are in love with the idea of saving as many dogs as possible from euthanasia, we also have a soft spot for these special dogs!

What is a special needs Pit Bull? While the definition of 'special needs' is bound to vary depending on who you ask, we hold a pretty inclusive view of what it means, including dogs who are blind, deaf, lame, paralyzed, and dogs who have physical or neurological damage from abuse, neglect, or congenital defect.

Top Five Reasons to Foster :

1) You are saving a life!

2) It increases the dogs likelihood of adoption!

3) It's a temporary situation that allows a dog to have a second chance and a lifetime of love!

4) You will receive unconditional love!

5) It's fun and will put a smile on your face!

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