Westboro Baptist Church

Everything You Need To Know

  • Located in Topeka, Kansas with around 70 members
  • Pastor Fred Phelps & Margie Phelps 13 children and 54 grandchildren
  • Strongly against homosexullity and dead soldiers and God's punishment for American's sins.
  • Protest all over the United States with signs
  • Spend over $250,00 for traveling expenses
  • Snyder took Phelps to court for the protest at his fallen son's funeral
  • Westboro Baptist Church protested at Woodrow Wilson High School
  • Panic! At The Disco turned their concert into a fundraiser after hearing that Westboro was going to protest their concert.
  • There is severe punishment for being disloyal to the church.
  • Fred Phelps grandson Zach, newly 18 year old son Nate, and family memeber Dortha all left the church along with 20 or so more members.
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Westboro Baptists at Arlington Cemetery