Demo Plan - Rich Task Template

Yasmina at Champs Sports Square One


June 8th

Time of Demo:

2:30- 3:00

Description of Activity:

I will be teaching a series of tasks that include: customer service, how to look up an item and make a sticker for the shoe.


Customer Service: I have chosen these specific task because this task does demonstrate a key role into having a successful sales day ahead. Not only to have a positive attitude, but to also maintain a friendly attitude through the day. With customer satisfactory key, it is always important that the customer walks out happy whether or not they bought anything. Including a hookup which is where you sell a shoe and a piece of clothing is one of the key concepts my manager looks at into having a successful sale as that is companies standards.

How to look up an item: To look up an item, I would have to log on the computer, click CVRM found which is the show lookup and type the barcode in the computer and the last 3 digits are the size. Once I am able to locate the shoe at another location, I then take the top 3 closest locations and let the customer know and tell them about the shipping process. If the customer would like to have the shoe, you have to call the store to make sure that the shoe is available and to put on hold or shipped for the customer.

Making a sticker: To make a sticker, it is key to be sure that you make the appropriate sticker so we are able to find the right shoe box. Also, to scan the shoe so that in the system it comes up with the correct price, item and the quantity of the shoe itself.

Rquired Materials:

The materials needed are: use of the 6 selling behaviours, a shoe and the store computer/ phone.

Special Instructions for Co-op Teacher:

There's no special instructions for the teacher.

Approved: Date, Time and Activity

Date: June 8th, 2:30-3:00

Activity: Customer service, how to look up and item and making a sticker