By: Laura Hillenbrand


This book is about Louis, a guy who's dream was to go to the Olympics. When the Olympics were cancelled in 1942, Louis dreams were shattered. He joined the Air Force when the war came upon America. He was stationed in Hawaii. A few years passed and he was going to bomb a Japanese island when he crashed in the ocean. His journey is a good story of how an Olympian turned into a castaway and got captured.

Why You Should Read This Book

If you like a suspenseful book, this is a good book. This is a book about a guy and his tough journey. He goes through many things that should have killed him but didn't. He want through POW camps, spent 40 some days on a raft, and almost died on many occasions. Louis is a war hero and has one of the most interesting lives. This book is eventful, and fun to read. I really liked this book and I think you would too!