University of Oklahoma

A Public University


Address: 660 Parrington Oval, Norman, OK 73019
The straight distance is 1,172.69 miles from Huntingtown, Maryland. The drive is 1,388 miles that will take around 20 hours and 27 minutes.
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Cost of the Undergraduate College

Tuition and Fees

In State: $9,495

Out of State: $22,269

Room and Board


Books and Supplies


Estimated Personal Expenses


Transportation Expenses


Total In State: $24,168

Total Out of State: $36,942

The Application Fee is $40

Admission Statistics on Students

Average SAT Score:

  • Math: 540-670
  • Critical Reading: 520-670

Average ACT Composite Score: 23-29

Average GPA: 3.5+

Number of Undergraduate Students: 21,844

Percentage of Students Admitted: 81% of students who apply get admitted in to OU.

Financial Aid: Undergraduates typically have 46% of their financial needs met through scholarships and grants. The other 54% is covered through loans,jobs, and work-study programs.


  • 88% of all first year students live in college housing
  • 32% of all undergraduates live in college housing
  • The following are types of housing available on campus:

-Coed Housing

-Women's Housing

-Men's Housing

-Apartments for Married Students

-Apartments for Single Students

-Fraternity/ Sorority Housing

-Special Housing for Disabled Students

-Special Housing for International Students

*No Pets Allowed

**Freshmen ARE permitted to have cars on campus

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Poplular Majors

Percent of Students - Popular Major

17%- Business/Marketing

13%- Interdisciplinary Studies

10%- Health Professions

9%- Engineering

8%- Communications/Journalism

6%- Liberal Arts

5%- Biology

5%- Social Sciences

5%- Visual and Performing Arts

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Interesting Information

  • OU ranks number 1 in the nation among all public institutions in the number of National Merit Scholars enrolled, with more than 750 National Merit Scholars.

  • OU Outreach is one of the largest continuing higher education organizations in the nation and annually serves more than 200,000 learners around the world.

  • OU has one of the oldest comprehensive colleges of fine arts in the Great Plains states, with highly regarded schools of Music, Drama, Art and Dance, and programs in opera, musical theater and sculpture.

  • In honor of OU’s 125th anniversary, the University has launched a $500 million private fundraising campaign, of which the largest component is to raise $100 million to provide undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships.

  • The Princeton Review consistently ranks OU among the best in the nation in terms of academic excellence and cost for students.

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