Behavior Therapy VS. CBT


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy also known as CBT, is a short term and goal oriented psychotherapy treatment that uses hands on and a practical approach to problem solving. The goal of CBT is to change patterns of how one thinks or behaves, in order for them to change the way they they feel about the situation and their selves.

Behavior Therapy

Behavior therapy is explained as helping the patient to understand how changing their behavior can lead to changes in how they feel in life. The goal in behavior therapy is to focus on helping the patient engage in positive or social activities.

Behavior Therapy Techniques/ Self Monitoring

  • Self Monitoring: The first stage of treatment. The entails the patient keeping a detailed log of all their activities for the day.
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How CBT Works

Cognitive behavioral therapy is thought of as a combination pf psychotherapy and behavioral therapy. The psychotherapy part of it empathizes on the importance of personal meaning that people place on things and how thinking patterns began as a child. Behavior therapy looks closely at the relationship between the problems that we incur, the behavior of it and how we think.

CBT & Behavior Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy and behavior therapy can be sued together by helping the patient change their behavior. Both therapies work on helping the patient ultimately have a positive impact on their lives so they can life a healthy and happy life.

Behavior Therapy for Procastination

Behavior therapy would be the best therapy for a person that procrastinates. The reason being is because the therapist would be able to have the patient write in a journal everyday in which would help the therapist better understand what the patient does with his/her time, it would also help the patient to see what they are doing. By doing this the therapist would be able to start helping him/her get more organized with their time and develop better habits for the patient. When the patient could start doing things in a timely matter instead of at the last minute they would receive a reward. I feel that this therapy is the best option for a person that experiences procrastination and that overtime the person would be able to manage time better and get things done in a timely manner.


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