Buy Wheelin' Whitney's Cotton Gin!

Asking Price: $850!

Don't Be Whinin' Buy Wheelin' Whitneys Cotton Gin Now!!

Tired of having to pick out seeds from your cotton by hand? Worry no more! Buy one of the most efficient machines around today called the Cotton Gin! Made by none other than me, college graduate, Eli Whitney! This machine can be operated by man, animal, or water to help anybody produce cotton much faster than any method that has been used before!

For sale now for only $850!

Learning about the Cotton Gin

How does it work exactly?

The Cotton Gin has four parts! The first part is a hopper that feeds cotton to the Gin, its second part is a cut in. The third part is a stationary breastwork that strains out the seeds while the fiber flows through. Finally, the last part is a clearer, which is a cylinder with bristles, turning in the opposite direction, which brushes the cotton from the hooks and lets it fly off by its own force. Amazing!! Isn't it?

Who should buy this?

Any industrial worker, farmer, or any business owner who is looking to succeed in production of cotton!

One of my main buyers is in love with this machine. When I last saw her she had endless things to say of my creation. "Life is so much easier with a Cotton Gin! Production is way faster now! Today I nearly produced 50 pounds of cotton" she explained to me.

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