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What is Empower Network ?

Empower Network U.S. Based Company. It is an Affiliate Marketing Company which is basically a Blogging Platform developed by David Wood and Dave Sharpe ... I have to say that it is a Must for those of you who are Marketers, Looking for More Leads over the Internet and Those of you who are struggling to make money online and the best part is its only $ 25/- per month

Why Should I join Empower Network ?

The Business and the company is Awesome since :-

· It has a 100% Commission Plan

· It is Cheap and easy to get started

· You do not have to be a Techie to Create the Blogs

· You do not need to Have Marketing Skills to Sell the Products

· You do not need to Have a long List of Names and Contacts

· And the Best Part is that you Generate Income by getting Traffic over the Internet.

What is The Empower Network Product and Why Do I need it ?

The Empower network Product is a BLOGGING Software called Wordpress, The original Word press Software can be used to Create a BLOG but you have to have an IT Skill to use the Software, at Empower Network the Software has been modified and provided to you so that it can be used by any Lay Person.

Why do I need this Software ?

Todays World is the World of the internet, all Business , and Socializing are done on the Internet , the Internet has become a Way of Selling your Precious Products or talking to friends and relations. Today Just having a Website is not enough, you have to advertise your website and products, Blogging is a Way of Advertising your websites and Products, these Products can be Business Products or just plain Household Artifacts, or just plain news items and information.

Yes you can create ADS in Facebook, Google etc, But ads are expensive they cost $ 10/- per day to a limited amount of traffic of people , when you BLOG about your Products there is no cost involved and you can still re-direct traffic from various Social Networking sites to your Websites …..

BLOGS are not only used to Promote Sales in your Business , they are also used for News items and information or content writing, you can use your Blogs to advertise a Incident or Event or create a Discussion, this you could do by creating a Post in Facebook also , in the post you cannot put in Images and Videos in order to emphasize your Points on what you are Blogging about , using a Blogging Software you have a more artistic way of saying what you want to say.

Why Empower Network ?

Empower network can give you that kind of Income that you are looking for Monthly.

At Empower Network your commissions are 100% ie if you sell the $ 1,000/- product your commission is $ 1,000/- so you recover your investment in your first sale, there after you are leveraging pure profits.

With Empower Network you can easily make $ 1,000/- per month working from the comfort of your home. For this all you need is a team of 8 people who have purchased the $ 125/- product. If you achieve this you would have more free time to dedicate to your loved ones and less stress and chances of collapsing with a massive heart attack from Tension and Stress, besides all the security that a normal 9 – 5 job would give you.

You can make $ 1,000/- from the $ 25/- product also for that you will need a team size of 200 people in your network

What is the Difference in the Various Products at Empower Network ?

The 25$ product gives you the Word Press blogging software and 80 MB of storage space along with a lot of training videos and audios on how to increase the sales in your business.. The $ 100/- product gives you the Word Press Software and 1000 MB Storage space along with a lot of training videos and audios on how to increase the sales in your business

How do I get Started in Empower Network ?

The Empower Network Blog is created By a Software called Word Press Empower Network has 5 Products, which are Different Blogging Platforms, much like Purchasing a Internet Connection from your Home from your Local ISP.

(01) The $ 25/- Plan (Rs. 1,325/-) The Viral Blogging System

(02) The $ 100/- Plan (Rs. 5,300/-) The Inner Circle Product (Total = $ 125/-)

(03) The $ 500/- Plan (Rs. 26,500/-) The Costa Rica Intensive Training (Total = $ 625/-)

(04) The $ 1,000/- Plan (Rs. 53,000/-) The 15K Formular (Total = $ 1,625/-)

(05) The $ 3,500/- Plan (Rs. 1,85,500/-) The Masters Course (Total = 5,125/-)

You can purchase as many Products as you want.

Product One and Two the Payments are Monthly. Ie if you Purchase Product One which is the Viral Blogging System for $ 25/- this Payment of $ 25/- is monthly, and Similarly for Product Two. If you go if for Product One and Two then your Payments is $ 125/- Monthy.

All the Five Products attract a Monthly Affiliation Fee of $ 19.95/-

When you have registered and purchased your Product. You have to Generate Sales. If you have Purchased the $ 3,500/- Product (ie $ 5,125), and If you get a customer who also Purchases the Similar Product ie $ 3,500/- ($ 5,125/-) your commission is $ 3,500/- ($ 5,125/-), and there after for every product sale you do your Commission is 100% of the Product that you have sold in this Particular case it will be $ 3,500/- ($ 5,125/-) per sale.

If you do a Sale of $ 25/- to lets say for example Mr Tim, and Mr. Tim now starts the Business. For every 2nd , 4th , 6th and there after every 5th Sale that Mr. Tim Does the Commission is passed up to the Person Referring you, ie. If he is liable for the commission on that Product or else it is passed to the eligible person to get that commission.

When you Join the Business you have to Get Customers or Make Sales if you Purchase the $ 25/- Product and the Customer you get Wants to Purchase the $ 100/- Product (ie $ 125/-)

The Commission will not be given to you as you are not eligible for the $ 100/- Product instead the Commission will be Paid to the Up-line or Person Referring you into the Business ie if he has purchased the $ 125/- Product or else it will go higher to the person who has purchased the $ 125/- product.

Watch the Video in this Link for a complete plan and presentation

Mr. David Wood ExplainsThe Empower Network Compensation Plan a Model

This Business is better than any work from Home Scheme or Network Marketing or Pyramid or Chain Marketing Company as it allows you to obtain your Dreams Faster or Bring out your Inner Innovative and Creative Spirit or allow you to cultivate or maintain a Hobby, not only for you but your whole Family also.

So what are you waiting for, stop leading a Life where you are always searching for money. This is a Opportunity where in you can make Money Online every month and relax in the comfort of your home, and all you need is to make like 40 Sales and you will start earning a Minimum $$ 1,000/- Monthly… so hurry Go through the links and watch the Videos.

Let me know once you are ready I will then guide you guys through a training process to get you started.

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