Survival Guide for THE EVER GLADES

The Climate

My plane crashed in North America in the Everglades in Florida.It can get up to 90 degrees to 100 degrees. The climate here is hot moist and swampy life.

What you find

You can encounter a dangerous animal's out here the Python,an Alligator,BOB CAT that sometimes might be friendly.But that hardly happens so we have to be smart on what we do.We need a gun,water,shelter,and food.You can try to find a bob cat kill it use its fur to keep you warm just sleep in the plane were its safe warm. Cybress is a plant that looks like a tree that you cant not eat.Orchids is a plant you can eat.But that is it you can go and find food and stay safe.


Survival Steps

1)Get what you need at of the plane, clothes water, food

2)You have to build a shelter where you can get shade and warmth over there.

3)You have to build a fire go explore and check for dangerous animals around you

4)You try to find help so you can make it out alive good luck