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ACT Tips and Tricks

By: Lorena Gil Sanchez

When you see ACT either one two things happen; your heart starts beating really fast thinking or your heart stops. The ACT is a stressful thing for every Kentucky junior. It is required and lucky for you I have been attending the Creek workshop for us folk who need a better score. Here are some easy tips for each section I have gathered so far.

English tips: 75 questions in 45 minutes

  1. Manage your time wisely!!

  2. Brush up on your grammar

  3. Don't attempt to oversimplify the sentences

  4. If you have no idea, bubble in an answer lightly and then come back to it.

  5. Don’t ever leave an answer blank, use your context clues!

Reading: 40 questions in 35 minutes

  1. Read the questions before you read the passage. This can be super helpful for some people.

  2. Start with the questions that name a specific line, paragraph or sentence.

  3. Then go onto questions about the main idea is some paragraphs.

  4. Finally, end with the questions that ask about the passage altogether.

  5. Pick the best possible answer if you are having trouble.

Math: 60 questions, 60 minutes

  1. The first 30 are supposedly easier than the last 20, so you want to work on those first. You do you.

  2. There are 3 types of questions; Now, Later, and Never.

  3. Now are the questions that are easy. Do those first.

  4. Questions that require more time can be last.

  5. Never questions are ones you have no clue on. It's recommended to give answer though.

  6. Lastly, start with C. The choices are in order from the smallest to the highest so by starting with C will allow you to know if a lower or higher answer is needed. (Disclaimer: This may not work for every problem.)

Science: 40 questions, 35 minutes.

  1. Read carefully! Use some of the strategies used for reading.

  2. Look at the questions first and then the passage.

  3. Skim if you want to reduce less time.

  4. If you're having trouble on one question, bubble in an answer, then come back to it.

Youth Salute

By: Lorena Gil Sanchez

Have you ever wonder what the pictures of random teens were doing in the mall or in your school? The National Council on Youth Leadership is a non-profit organization that recognizes Junior youth leaders within Kentucky with Holifield Photography. It was founded in 1976 and has recognized 24,304 leaders from 55 area high schools according to the Central Kentucky Youth Salute website. Partners with the organization are Georgetown College, Transylvania, Asbury, and Eastern Kentucky University.

The application process starts with being a Junior who has maintained a 3.0-grade average by the end of their sophomore year or if applying late, a 3.0 in your first semester of Junior year. It is also required to have at least two leadership roles in which they were chosen by an adult or peers. Once you are sure you pass this then you can begin on the other sections. The others include typing an essay, filling out a sheet with all your extracurricular activities and/or your leadership roles, and a biography. It is not expected you fill it up, just that you have two main lead roles with some side volunteering or clubs/sports you are involved in. The biography should be typed and include current and past extracurriculars.The biography is placed with the photos, so be sure to make its something you’re proud of!

After this, you turn in the application, with a parent signature, into your counselor for them to mail it off to Holifield photography. This is when Holifield Photography decides on the next youth leader.

If you are chosen you then schedule a picture session with Holifield Photography. This part allows you to showcase your clubs and extracurriculars. Props are allowed and so are animals, but pets will be charged. Youth Salute sends you an information packet that contains everything you’ll need to know!

Once you complete the photo portion, they ask if you want to add or remove a activity you included in the application process. This will cost $10 to do, so make sure you are happy with your biography. Then once they place the photos and biography together the Youth Salute leaders are showcased in Fayette Mall on rotation and then after that, they'll be in your own school.

Youth Salute leader not only get displayed but attend an award show where the said colleges above give the youth leaders an opportunity to win a scholarship! Be sure to keep up your GPA and service/club ideas to be a part of this amazing opportunity.

Catch the Tates Creek Youth Salute leaders June 24-30 in Fayette Mall near Dick's Sporting Goods!

If you have any questions or want to know more, visit

Academy Highlights

The Medical and Emergency Services Academy

By: Amanda Kanatzar

This is the medical academy. It is for students who desire to become apart of the medical field or emergency aspects of the medical profession. Here are a few examples of things you will experience as part of this academy:

*professionals from the field will visit and teach us emergerency procedures.

*Last semester, UK Medical Students and nurse students came and talked to the health science classes about their experiences in college.

*attend a medical career fair which exposes to various professions/careers.

*Hands on experience. Firefighters came to our health science class and taught us how to perform CPR and to use a turnacite and stop a wound. Patient beds now have robots in them to simulate patients.

The Academy of Design and Engineering

By: Katelin Shelton

The Academy of Design and Engineering is led by principal, Mr. Ward. The Academy also has counselor, Mr. Waldrop. In this academy, we are hoping students will interact with business partners from our community and develop skills that they can apply in any job. In this academy there are three career pathways, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The Electrical and Electronics engineering pathway prepares individuals to apply mathematical and scientific principles to the design, development, and operational evaluation of electrical, electronic related systems and their components. Electrical Engineers design, develop, test, and supervise the manufacturing of electrical equipment. Electronics Engineers design and develop electronic equipment. The Civil Engineering pathway prepares individuals to apply mathematical and scientific principles to the design, development, and operational evaluation of structural, load- bearing, material moving, transportation, water resource, and material control systems. Civil Engineers design, build, supervise, operate, and maintain construction projects and systems in the public. The Mechanical Engineering pathway prepares individuals to apply mathematical and scientific principles to the design, development, and operational evaluation of physical systems used in manufacturing and end-product systems. Mechanical Engineers design, develop, build and test mechanical and thermal sensors and devices, including tools, engines, and machines.

If you have any questions regarding this academy, please contact one of the people listed below.

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Katelin Shelton

My name is Katelin Shelton, I am a sophomore in the Design and Engineering Academy, and also serve as a Ambassador for TCHS. I am honored to be a part of bringing you the news from the school, our peers, and the community around us. I am a student athlete and take pride in my grades and education as well as the commitment I have to basketball. Overall, I am hoping to bring you the latest news and any news that may help you!

Faith Morales

My name is Faith Morales and I am in 10th grade. I am from Chicago, IL and my birthday is November 21st, 2002. I am a student in the medical academy, and in the criminal justice pathway.

Lorena Gil Sanchez

I play lacrosse and am on the Prom Committee including a bunch of other clubs. I want to attend SCAD or Asbury University to double major in Journalism and Psychology.

Amanda Kanatzar

Hi my name is Amanda. I’m an Academy Ambassador in the MES Academy. I play basketball and lacrosse. I’m a huge UK and Steelers fan.