How have phones changed society?

By Connor Brown

Have cell phones changed us socially?

Cell phones may be the way of the future but the question is, are they changing us for the worse? Is social media really being social, or is it really being harmful to us and society?

Social or Harmful?

While many people consider phones as distractions, even more consider them a tool or a social device. Ever heard the line,"There's an app for that."? Well it's true. Whether you need a GPS, a messaging app, a calculator, you can always turn to your phone no matter where you are.
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While we evolve and adapt to our day to day lives and the tech surrounding us, the tech is evolving to suit our lives better. The original cell phone not only resembled a brick, but it costed a whopping $3,495.00. The massive in cost and size phone only let you call for 30 minutes then it would have to be charged and that's it. No texting, no web browsing, and no games. So what has caused new inventions and more "social" apps?

Social Apps and Changing Norms

While all the social media tools are advancing and giving us new enjoyment, they are also changing how we think and even what is considered normal life. Before Facebook and Twitter and everything else, life was all about going out and seeing your friends on a Friday night to party. Now it's about late night Snapchats and Skyping on a lonely night. If all the servers crashed and all you could do was call a friend for half an hour, could you do it, or would you have a breakdown from iPhone withdrawal? Some day, challenge yourself and shut off your display and interact.
Look Up - A spoken word film for an online generation
In the video above you see the difference between life attached to your display and life attached to human interactions.

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