Iditarod Mushers

By Brayden Rosling, Natalie Rhodes, Chase Mitchell

A couple of mushers

Susan Butcher was the first musher to win 3 iditarod races in a row. She also fell in the ice and won 2nd place in one race. In 1986 she set the record time then broke that record in 1988. Ellen Halverson was the first musher to finish last twice which as actually an accomplishment as many mushers never even finish.

Entry Requirements

To enter the race mushers must first pass the entry requirements. One of the requirements is that rookies must to go to a two day orientation. You must also have a membership in mush with P.R.I.D.E. Finnaly after all of thatc mushers must pay an entrance fee of $10,000. Before the race all mushers must go to a general musher meeting before the race.Finally if they win they get $400,000.

How mushers survive

One way mushers keep themselves warm is by eating trail mix and wearing hats made of beaver and seal skin. Mushers must also try not to sweat as the sweat would freeze so if a musher would sweat they have to dry the moisture as fast as possible.

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