Blue Mountains Excursion


Scenic World

At Scenic World, we had an absolutely brilliant time! We went on the Scenic Railway and the Scenic Cableway. On the railway, also known as the Steepest Railway in the World and the name doesn't lie. It is thrilling to go down such a steep track. When you looked out the window you could see all of the trees and the view of the mountains was splendid. On the Cableway, we were over 200m from the ground and the view of the mountains from up high is like seeing the Earth from outer space, it is exquisite! I loved every aspect of Scenic World and I hope to return there soon.

Jenolan Caves

At Jenolan Caves, we explored the Lucas cave. We saw many fascinating things in the chambers of this cave such as stalagmites and stalactites, many crystals, a river and different holes were explorers came in. There was on chamber called the Cathedral chamber that stood out from the rest and this was because it was completely pitch black. if you waved your hand in front of your face, you couldn't see it so this caused your brain to think it could see it and you began hallucinating. This spectacular cave includes the most photographed limestone formation at Jenolan, 'The Broken Column' and displays a wide range of huge cave formations.

Aboriginal Education

At the Aboriginal Education Center we learnt many things about the Aboriginal Culture that have been fabricated. Did you know that the didgeridoo is not the most well known Aboriginal instrument. It was only played in the most Northern parts of Australia and the boomerangs that we are used to seeing aren't really the proper Aboriginal hunting boomerangs. We also went on a bush walk. On the bush walk, the tour guide showed us many different types of plants that you can eat and were used for medicine in Aboriginal times.