Mid-Atlantic Region

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Join the Mid-Atlantic Region!!

The Mid Atlantic includes the states Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C., West Virginia, and Virginia. The major cities are Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.


The Appalachian Mountains are mountains located in this region. They are located East of the Ohio River and South of Pennsylvania.

Do you like water? Some major bodies of water are the Potomac River below Pennsylvania. The Roanoke River is at the bottom of Pennsylvania.

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The weather is nice normally but in the winter it can drop quickly to 6 degrees! Brrrr!!!! If you do end up coming to this region I hope you dress warmly but in the summer and spring it gets hot so you can also dress up in shorts and tank tops and hit the beach. In Winter you can do some sledding but also stay cozy on the couch! In the fall school starts we have nice schools but also you can play in the leaves, rake the leaves and just enjoy time!

Have you ever been to Bush-Kill Falls?

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Bush Kill Falls is the Niagara Falls of Pennsylvania. It streams crystal pure water that bubbles up through rifts in primeval rock.

It is located high in the uplands of the Pocono Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Bush Kill falls was made by Charles E. Peters in 1904. The falls is still owned by the Peters family to this very day.

People go to bush kill falls because they can hike, birdwatch, and etc. People would also go because it's a great place for nature.

Economy Notes

The most popular resources in this region are coal, natural gas, Forest land, commercial agriculture, and urban area.

Products that grow in this area include chicken, turkey, eggs, soybeans, grains, mushrooms, cattle, and calves. They produce the chicken and turkey in West Virginia. The Dairy such as the eggs and soybeans are produced in Virginia and Pennsylvania. The crops are produced in Pennsylvania. The Hogs and Pigs are produced in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia. Some machinery they use are tractors, magnum toolbars, and key inspection pointers.

The Major Crops are cherry tomatoes, pole snap bean, bush snap bean, garlic, potato, snow pea, summer squash, bulb onion, slicing tomato, sweet pepper, corn, soybean, and wheat. Farming does take place in this region often.
The landforms effect the way of work especially because people like to farm. Some jobs in this region are farming, field service, Technician, Applicator, Director and etc.

They work full time.


Yummy chocolate! But Hershey isn't all about the chocolate there is history behind the fun chocolate town! If you go to Hershey, you will learn all about Milton Hershey and get a chocolate tour. After that education you can have some fun at Hershey Park! Riding rollercoasters.
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Hershey's Chocolate World - An overview from Hershey, Pennsylvania

Reasons you should come!

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1. There are so many things to do, so many jobs to have, and so much fun!

2. You will enjoy your stay in these wonderful states!

3. The cities will excite you with passion and fun!