My Future

By: Ashley Madison

For the future...

In the future...I can imagine myself as being very successful with my job and having the life that I would've always dreamed of having. I have many ideas of what college and what high school I want to go to, the plan is probably going to change as my interests change but here is my future plan...

High School

The high school I am thinking and planning to attend is Freehold Township High School. There is a lot of different ways that you can extend from there and there are a lot of courses for related arts that you can choose from at this school. I am looking for courses such as honors language arts and honors math, as well as honors history and honors science. High school seems like a long ways away but I am really excited and hope to do well and to always try my best in high school.


To start, I want to begin my college experience at Brookdale Community College and figure out what occupation I want from there. After Brookdale, I would go to a college such as Rutgers, Princeton, or Monmouth College. I want to go to these colleges because they fit my needs of education and they have good athletic teams that I would like to try out and hopefully join. They are great schools that have everything I need to succeed and carry on with my life. I hope to receive a bachelor's degree from one of the colleges I attend to get an occupation that is right for me.


As a career, I want to become a professional soccer player and join the USA Women's National Team. If I cannot succeed with this job then I want to become either a crime scene investigator or a Physical Therapist.