Climate Change

How it affects humans

The Great Lakes region

The great lakes region includes the states Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and New York. The ecosystem of the Great lakes region includes moose, gray wolves, canadian lynx. It also has many types of fish and birds. Some plants life in the great lakes region has wildflowers to cattails to dune grass. There are 33 million people in the great lakes region. The climate of the Great lakes region is long and hot days and short nights in the summer, but in the winter the days are short and cold and the nights are long and freezing

Questions and Answers

1.what kind of sicknesses does climate change bring and what effects does it have

Climate change is supposedly getting hotter because of chemicals that humans are releasing that makes pollution and that brings many diseases like

*heart disease



*lung cancer


2. Will the climate change make humans move away from the great lake region

As the climate is rising around the world the ice caps are melting which is making the water levels rise which causes flood that make extreme damage to this region so yes I do think they will have to move away.

3.What will happen to the food sources near the great lake region

If floods happen then the rich farm land in the region would not be able to produce enough food.

4.Will this climate change affect the ways humans do their daily lives

The productivity of people with jobs outside in this region will more than likely drop because of the temperature that will rise. The type of things that people will do will probably change to more inside and less activity.

5.What jobs will this climate change ruin and bring.

This climate change will bring up the amount of doctors because of the sicknesses that will come also some of the outside jobs will become unbearable of the heat.