Maverick Minutes

February 1, 2016

Did you check out Big Brainz for math facts last week? Only two teachers have done the pre- test with all kids in the class and only 4 teachers total have been in the program! Please look at it this week and commit to implement it for your kids! It is much more engaging than Fastt Math and the research says they can master a set of facts (+, -, X, /) in 7 to 10 hours of play.

This Week At Parkview

Monday, February 1st
  • Collaboration 2nd grade, 7:30-8:10 am
  • Counselors Week!
  • Larisa out, Counselors Conference
  • PTA board mtg 6pm
Tuesday, February 2nd
  • Collaboration, 1st and 5th grades, 7:30-8:10 am
  • Counselors Week!
  • Larisa out, counselors conference
  • Groundhog Day!
  • Benchmark testing for 4th grade writing and 5th grade math
  • 2nd grade math/science training
  • Epps mtg 9:00-3:00

Wednesday, February 3rd

  • Collaboration, Kinder, 7:30-8:10 am
  • Counselors Week!
  • Benchmark testing for 5th grade reading
  • 1st grade math/science training
  • Epps mtg 12 noon
  • Vertical team meeting, 3:10-4:10 pm

Thursday, February 4th

  • Collaboration 3rd grade, 7:30-8:10
  • 100th day of school!! Wear 100 of something or dress like 100 yrs old
  • Counselors Week!
  • Kinder math/science training
  • Epps mtg 8:30-10:30
  • ARD speech 1:45 pm
Friday, February 5th
  • Collaboration 4th grade, 7:30-8:10
  • Dad breakfast 7:00 am
  • Clubs meet 7:45-8:20 am
  • Epps meeting 8:00-10:00
  • Epps meeting 2-2:30
  • Attendance Dance 2:30 pm

Coming Up Next Week!

Monday, 2/8
  • Grades due 8:00 am
  • TELPAS general training for all certified teaching staff, 3:10 pm
Tuesday, 2/9
  • Bilingual training at HDC 3:45-4:45
Wednesday, 2/10
  • CPAC 3:10-4:30

Thursday, 2/11

  • Progress Reports go home

Friday, 2/12

  • Clubs meet 7:45-8:20
  • Valentine Parties 1:30-2:30
  • Adjusted specials schedule (see below)
  • NO Valentine Dance (please put on newsletters that it has been moved to April)

Adjusted Schedule for 2/12

8:00-8:20 Clubs

8:20-9:00 3rd

9:00-9:40 2nd

9:40-10:20 Specials

10:20-11:00 1st

11:00-11:40 5th

11:40-12:20 4th

12:20-12:50 lunch specials

12:50-1:30 Kinder

1:30-2:30 specials help in office or at parties

IPAD Cart Schedule

Monday, 2/1 open

Tuesday, 2/2 Moreno

Wednesday, 2/3 Cole

Thursday, 2/4 Davis

Friday, 2/5 Atherton

Monday, 2/8 open

Tuesday, 2/9 Doty

Wednesday, 2/10 open

Thursday, 2/11 Atherton

Friday, 2/12 Atchley

Coming Up Soon!

2/12 Dance cancelled due to no DJ available--moved to April 8th

2/15 Lego Club

2/15 TELPAS online Calibration 3:00-5:00 pm (downstairs lab)

2/15 TELPAS writing sample collection begins

2/17 Staff meeting, 1st grade in charge of snack/game; 4th grade Fundamental 5

2/18 PTA fundraiser kick off, 1:30 and 2:00

2/18 Istation Espanol training 12:30-2:30 Upstairs lab

2/18 TELPAS online Calibration 3:00-5:00 pm (downstairs lab)

2/19 Clubs meet #3

2/19 Staff Potluck

2/23 Social Studies walk-through with Diffie (12 noon-2pm)

2/23 Once Upon a Time Family Math/Reading night meeting, 3:10 pm

2/24 TELPAS online Calibration 3:00-5:00 pm (downstairs lab)

2/26 Clubs meet #4 (last day)

2/26 Early dismissal 11:40 am, staff development 1-3:30

2/29-3-4 Texas Public Schools Week

2/29 Education Foundation Grant applications due

2/29 Grades due 8:00 am

3/2 Class picture day

3/2 Vertical team meetings--STAAR training for all staff (required)

3/3 Family math/reading night

3/3 Epps reading day

3/3 Progress reports go home

3/4 Mom breakfast

3/4 Character Assembly

3/4 Cliburn Piano presentation for 2nd-4th graders 1:30 pm

3/7 PTA board meeting

3/8 Benchmark 3rd-4th math

3/8 TELPAS reading 2nd grade, 5th grade

3/9 Benchmark 3rd-4th reading

3/10 Benchmark 5th science, TELPAS 3rd and 4th reading

3/13 Time change

3/14-18 Spring Break

3/22 PTA meeting

3/25 NO school, weather make up day

3/29 STAAR 4th grade writing, 5th grade math

3/30 STAAR 5th grade reading

TELPAS for all teachers

Because of changes to the TELPAS system, all certified staff members will be trained and certified in rating the listening, speaking, reading, and writing of ELLs this year. Please make plans to attend the general overview of TELPAS next Monday, 2/8, after school. If you have never be a rater, you will need to complete an online basic training after this overview. Calibration is required to be done in a monitored session after you take the basic training online. I have scheduled 3 opportunities to calibrate in the lab monitored by myself or Mr. Nuss (2/15, 2/18, 2/24). Please schedule for at least one of these. (If you do not make a 70% on the first one, you have a second chance to calibrate.)

I know you have questions and most will likely be answered in the overview next Monday, 2/8! Feel free to send me an email with a question if you need an answer before then!

Vocabulary Instructional Focus 2015-16

Our new word this week is RIDICULOUS.

Big image


Thank you to the math/reading night committee for your work in planning what is going to be a really fun event!! They have chosen a theme of Once Upon a Time for our Family Math/Reading Night on 3/3! T-shirts are in the works for staff members!

Thank you to 4th grade for turning in your tutoring time cards for January!!

Thank you to Jodi for assigning rooms to all of the clubs! Please check the spreadsheet and be sure kids know where to go before Friday morning. There will not be time to tell them on Friday as we will be moving to clubs almost immediately after tardy bell (7:45 am) Clubs February 2016.xlsx


This week is Counselors Week! Please be sure to let Larisa know how much we appreciate her! She will be back on Wednesday!

If you need materials for your club, you should have already arranged for them with Robin or you are getting them yourself! If that is not the case, talk with her today!

If you did not respond about GT hours and you are a certified teacher, please let me know your status asap! I need to respond for our campus by tomorrow!

Remind your kids about the book drive this week! 100 books per grade is our goal, but your class can try for 100 on their own and earn a prize you choose (popcorn party, electronics day, pickle party, etc. were possibilities)

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