United Kingdom

Robert Okougbo

Fast Facts

Continent: Europe

Capital: London

Population: 64,088,222

Area: 94,058

Main Languages: They mostly speak English but the dialects sound different

Main Religions: 54% Christianity

Distance From Capital To Washington D.C. 369,217


In the UK they usually eat fish and chips (fries), roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. They have lots of different dialects of the food like tatties (potato's) stew, seafood, meat pies, and pastries.


In the UK, kids go to school at 4 or 5. And they wear uniforms In every grade. At 11 years old kids will go to high school. They start school at 9 am and end at 3:30.

Land & Climate

The UK is surrounded by 7 bodies of water. Scotland's West Coast has wet grass all around it . in the Winter it is 40f, and in the summer it is 72f.

Things I would Like to do

I would like to eat all the foods and meet lots of Famous Gamers. And I want to try fish and chips and also go to the gaming event.
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